Anti-Redness Body Elixir contains 3% Full Spectrum CBD making this best for daily or as needed use. From antioxidant to anti-inflammation properties these are one of the few but many benifits that Full Spectrum CBD can provide for skincare. For whatever life throws at your skin, we added key ingredients, which makes this body elixirs a force to be reckoned with.


We use a mixture of anti-oxidant and skin-soothing ingredients that help reduce the appearance of redness and inflammed skin.



Use 1 - 2 drops. Use in the morning, after the shower, or before bedtime. Use this in any part of the body where things get rough. Protip: Use a moisturizer 30 minutes after applying this body elixir.

Anti-Redness Body Elixir

    • Free-Radical Scavenging (Antioxidant)
    • Calm and Soothing
    • Fast absorping