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Is it just me or do I feel at Ease?

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With past, present, and future research of cannabidiol known as CBD, CBD can provide  so much in skincare.  CBD is found naturally mostly in hemp plants and not made in a lab. So, it's properties aren't synthetic and can be safe to absorb through the skin. Here are a few things that CBD can offer for skincare.



From general redness, acne, psoriasis, eczema, to various dermatitis conditions, CBD can initiate soothing and calming conditions to the inflamed areas of the skin.

Free-Scavenging (Antioxidant):

CBD can help with supporting healthy immune cells by clearing free from debris and just plain out of control cells on a cellular level.

Balance & Stasis

In our bodies, we have something called the ECS (Endocannabinoid System). These are a receptors lined throughout our skin and body that have an affinity to CBD molecules. When CBD interacts with the ECS on the skin it promotes healthy balance skin. Research shows CBD can temporarily correct certain skin ailments such as eczema or even psoriasis or at least make it comfortable to live in your own skin.

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We are constantly learning and in doing so, we want to share the most exciting news of what the future of CBD can do for you! We dive deep into the science of CBD and the skin.


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